Hi, my name’s Dan and I’m a Certified Workspace Personal Trainer (REPS) and Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England). I’m a host for a health and wellness show called Balance Check on Brum Radio. I also produce online articles for onOffice Magazine.

After 11 years of marketing leading health clubs and sports nutrition brands, I found myself struggling to find happiness and fulfilment in the products I was selling. The tongue in cheek slogans, six pack-loaded imagery and cherry-picked health claims just didn’t feel right to me anymore. Convincing someone to make better choices about their health shouldn’t be based on irresponsible marketing practices; I wanted to make a change!

More and more, through personal and social experiences, it’s very apparent that how we move, eat, and rest during the day can greatly affect our health. To me it makes total sense to encourage better habits in the workplace, because that’s where we spend the most time. Science-based evidence is there to highlight the positive impact it can have on stress, anxiety and depression. 

I aim to build a community of freelancers, startups, founders and professionals who want to boost physical and mental health while working.

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Lily (Marketing Assistant, Capital Hair and Beauty Ltd)

“I LOVED Dan’s workshop, it made me feel so positive as well as giving me tips to improve my posture.”

Brett (Head of Concierge Services, CAYSH)

“I really enjoyed Dan’s workshop! I would recommend this to any company concerned about their staff's welfare. Keep up the great work Dan.”

Lucinda (Digital Marketing, Dispace Co)

“I got some great tips from Dan Brathwaite of Body by Brathwaite about quick wins to keep healthy at my desk - including bringing a bit of play into the day and repurposing a tennis ball as a wrist massager. For someone with RSI, I can honestly say it feels amazing even if I do look a little odd drinking my morning coffee as I give myself a tennis ball massage.”

Rowan (Artist)

“Dan has always been on hand to guide me through my training, letting me know what I need to do to achieve my targets. Alongside that he is able to advise me on my diet and nutrition, as a result of his knowledge I am now fully aware that training and nutrition go hand in hand in reaching my goals as a creative.”

Jayne (3D Character Artist)

“ I had the pleasure of learning kettlebells from Dan. He made the whole process fun, clear and rewarding. I found it very reassuring when he would reinforce posture and technique in each movement without making it complicated. He also explained how each exercise would help me build muscle strength to help counterbalance the hours I spend in front my laptop working on projects.”