Balance Check 003 w/ Jonathan Berg (Photography, Outdoor Activities, and Stress Management)


The founder of Positively Birmingham, Jonathan Berg publishes coffee table books and organises walking tours, all about Brum.

I first met Jonathan on one of those tours, and from his energy, knowledge, and experience I knew I had to invite him to be a guest on the show. His interests include photography, exploring, history, sailing, mountain walking, running, cycling and bee keeping. After a couple of emails, I found out that, on top of his many interests, Jonathan also worked for the National Health Service for 41 years - 15 of which were spent as Pathology Director. I really wanted to know how he managed to balance such an active lifestyle, for so long.

Check out the highlights from our chat or click the link below to listen to the full show.

Show Highlights



Jonathan loves to take photographs. Before our interview, I watched as he surveyed the area around the Friends of the Earth building (where Brum Radio is based). At first I thought he might be lost and trying to find the entrance, but no, he was looking for the right angle to take a picture of the cobbled stones outside.

Just watching how he works explains so much about his character. Jonathan was on the floor, on his side, really engaging with the environment and people around him. I had to ask him about it, and what got him into photography in the first place. 

I really enjoyed this part of the show, as it highlights how everyone can see the world differently and enjoy their own exploring.

Stress Management 

I meet so many people who struggle with sleep - it’s one of the reasons I created a workplace workshop dedicated to it. Stress is one of the biggest factors that keep us up at night and Jonathan shares his own experiences of dealing with stress. 

Creative Workflow 

Jonathan has written five editions of his book Positively Birmingham, and he shares how he breaks down his workflow when working on his books. He finds he works better between 5.30am-8am, as it’s a great time to allow his brain to concentrate on one thing. I’m obsessed with workflow right now and finding out how each of us work during the day is something I really want to expand upon.

Further notes 

Check out Jonathan‘s website

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