Balance Check - Episode 004 with Sam German

My guest this week is Sam German, an innovator at PocZero, a community-led initiative aimed at increasing health and wellbeing in Birmingham. 

I first met Sam a few months ago at my Dispace workshop. He told me about the work PocZero recently did setting up a social prescribing scheme called the Happy Hub. The goal was to provide local, non-clinical services to people that were referred to them by GPs, nurses and other health practitioners.  

Sam’s enthusiasm for increasing health and wellbeing is contagious and the results that schemes like the Happy Hub produce are amazing. As well as his work, we also talk about creativity, bullet journaling, nutrition and much more.

Check out the highlights from our chat or click the link below to listen to the full show.

Show Highlights


Sam believes everyone has the potential to be creative. All we need is to be more mindful during the day. He regularly writes poetry, stories and blogs. What I really enjoyed about this part of the interview was learning about Sam’s daily habit of journaling. Sam has been journaling from a very young age, and finds the process very therapeutic.

This really hit home with me, as I’ve read so many books that highlight the importance of journaling. It’s something I want to introduce more into my own daily routine. 


Sam shares his thoughts on why we as a society feel more isolated than ever before. The subject of loneliness has been talked about a lot recently; my wife Charisse Kenion has based her upcoming portrait exhibition on the subject. One of the factors we discuss is the impact social media has had on our lives, with screen-time being at an all-time high.

Our conversation reminded me of a great article I read recently. Check it out here

Daniel Brathwaite