Balance Check EP 002 w/ Mannie Bahia (Reflexology, Meditation, and Gratitude)


Mannie Bahia is the Founder of Wellbeing Treatment, a Birmingham-based company that offers treatments designed to improve and maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Skilled in Reflexology, Reiki, Fire Cupping and massage therapies such as Thai, and Hot Stone, Mannie is someone I met a few months ago, and after experiencing fire cupping myself, I knew I wanted her to be a guest on my show.

Check out the highlights from our chat or click the link below to listen to the full show.

Show Highlights


We kick off the show talking about feet, which Mannie calls ‘mini-maps to the body’. Mannie has seen so many feet she can’t even guess how many she’s actually seen throughout her career, and she informs me that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot! All of these are connected to every system and organ in the body, and they can all give Mannie information as to how her client is feeling. 


Reiki is a alternative form of medicine known as energy healing. Basically it helps our body, mind and spirit to achieve balance and restore optimum health. As a practitioner Mannie is able to use energy to promote healing, she guides me through an exercise to help explain it. I loved this part of the show, as it showed how little attention we can give to our body. Check out my Instagram profile (@danbrathwaite) for an IGTV video of Mannie showing how to do the exercise.


Mannie’s last song choice for the show was ‘Who knows’ by Proteje featuring Chronixx. She highlighted the lyrics: ‘Life is a dream if you have gratitude’. This really resonated with me as for over a year now, before bed, I try and recall five things I’m grateful for. It really helps me sleep, and the practice has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Further notes 

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