Review: Paradym App

Credit: @couriermedia

Credit: @couriermedia

I love Courier magazine. It’s probably the only magazine I’ve ever read from front to back, every single time. I guess I should really look into getting a subscription, as I’m always on the hunt for the latest issue at the nearest WH Smith. I then sit reading it with my iPhone at the ready, because it’s inevitable that I’m going to google a brand, follow someone they‘ve featured on Instagram, or research a random fact that’s caught my attention. Recently I’ve even started listening to Courier’s new podcast: ‘The Workshop’ hosted by editor Daniel Giacopelli.

It’s even better when I find bits of information that directly relate to my profession, which is exactly what happened when I came across this article on Mental Health here

The piece was great, and sparked a conversation with my wife - who has 15 years experience as a hair and beauty journalist - about beauty brand Deciem’s founder Brandon Trauxe. Back in January this year, Brandon was found dead outside his apartment building. We still don’t know if his fall was intentional or not, but it’s clear from his Instagram posts leading up to the event, that all was not well. Brandon’s story is really eye-opening when it comes to how running and/or owning a business could have a negative impact on your mental health.


In the print version of the article, there’s also a section on a series of start-ups that are on the mission to fix mental health. While going down the list I saw an app I hadn’t seen before, called Paradym. Still in beta-mode its founder, Courtney Carlsson, is building a platform to help us build emotional intelligence. The app is targeted at founders, startups, and freelancers, so of course I had to download it from the App Store. 

The app, even though in it’s lite version, is very thought-provoking. You go through different stages, including Self Awareness, Identity, Introvert and Extrovert, IQ and EQ, and many others. After just a couple of weeks of using the app, I received an email from co-founder, Courtney, about meeting up for a chat. She had just finished a successful round of funding and was keen to meet users of the app for feedback. As I was passing through London to see a client based in Brighton, I jumped at the chance. It was great to sit down with Courtney to discuss our different backgrounds and our shared belief in the importance of mental health. 

As you might have guessed, I’m really keen to align myself with brands, products and services that I feel can help to boost our physical and mental health. Even though I have a love-hate relationship with tech, it can, in many ways help us to achieve our goals. I hope you’ll give Paradym a try, and let me know what you think; it’s available for iPhone and android.

Please check out @theparadym

Daniel Brathwaite