Can Uniqlo’s Airism series be the answer to comfortable workwear?

I sweat a lot. I sweat when I’m hot, or even when I’m cold. I sweat when I’m watching MMA, boxing, football, or other sporting events. Sometimes when I’m in rush - or when I’m nervous. Sometimes when I’m travelling. Sometimes when I sleep. Sometimes when I’m running a workshop. 

I have to stress the word sometimes, because, on days when I think I’m going to have a waterfall spraying out of my armpits, I don’t. I didn’t sweat a bit on my wedding day, which was on a hot summer day, in a barn, in the countryside. I was bloody nervous but I didn’t sweat at all. My sweat situation is really very confusing.

I’ve read a lot about it and it appears there are some links between sweat and anxiety; the condition is called hyperhidrosis. I’m not sure if I can fully say I suffer with it, but breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and a good deodorant really do help. To be on the safe side I make sure I only buy shirts and t-shirts that are dark-coloured, loose-fitting, and as breathable as possible. Cotton and linen have been my go-to fabrics, and when I go on shopping sprees, I read the clothing tags as closely as a nutrition label. 

Due to the increase in ‘business casual’ dress codes for modern day companies, as well as the huge variety of activewear that’s out there, and the nature of my work, I’ve decided to take a much closer look at the advancing tech in clothing. Activewear features the latest in moisture-wicking fabrics, deodorising functions and breathable capabilities. Why can’t we have the same functional benefits applied to our workwear? I’m now on the hunt for brands that have us looking good, feeling good, and staying dry all day long while we work. Any suggestions, let me know!

Uniqlo Men Airism short sleeved polo shirt

Materials: [Pink, Blue, Navy] 51% Cotton, 49% Nylon [White] 57% Cotton, 43% Nylon

Brand Description: Our comfortable polo shirt, revamped for a slimmer look.

As I’ve been shopping at Uniqlo for years now, their AIRism range was the most obvious choice for me to start this series with. I must admit, I bought a pair of white AIRism undershirts a couple of years ago. My brother told me he could see my chest hair through the fabric and he was disgusted. After that I didn’t wear them outside of the house unless I‘d undergone an intense session of manscaping that left my chest smoother than a wetsuit. However, when I looked into their new polo range it was a relief to see that due to customer feedback, they have made the fabric thicker, meaning no more chest hair imprints. Suffice to say, I was happy I didn’t have to shave my chest hair for the AIRism pics on this blog. 

Price - £14.90

Not a bad price at all. I could definitely kit out my workwear wardrobe with a few of these. 

First Look 

For a polo-shirt, the weave on the outer surface really looks good, and the shirt itself can really be dressed up, or down, depending on your office environment. I love the look of the smart collar, with the buttoned-down detail. 


Uniqlo claims that the high-performing fabric used in the AIRism rangeis designed to ensure comfort in any condition, and you really feel that once you put it on. Despite buying a Medium, It felt breathable from the start; I couldn’t wait to see if it would keep me cool throughout the day.I’m very funny with collars and not a big fan of shirts, but the design, despite being streamlined, didn’t choke my neck at all. The sleeves also had a great fit around my arms. 


I wore this top all day, including writing this blog, modelling it in a photo shoot, and being a guest on a podcast. I gave it a good go, as I can sweat in all kinds of different scenarios. AIRism features breathable layers that work to release heat, wick away moisture, and even control odour. I felt good wearing it, and it kept me cool and dry. If I had a ratings system - which I’m actually considering - this polo shirt would get some top marks. I’m thinking of doing a workout in the items I’m testing for future workwear reviews, to really put these fabrics to the test, so let me know if that appeals to you!

Definitely give Uniqlo’s AIRism technology a go, as they have a range of tank tops, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, underwear, lounge sets and cardigans. 

Disclaimer: I paid for this product.

Daniel Brathwaite