My workshops are predominantly centred around improving physical and mental health in the workplace. 

The central question I’m trying to answer through my work is: ‘How can I get people healthier while working?’

Currently I offer workshops in Sleep, Stress Management, Mindful Eating, Movement, Posture and Breathing, but I’m always open to creating bespoke options to suit you and/or your colleagues.

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Private 1-2-1/ Group Training

These sessions are designed to mitigate the potential issues of a busy, professional lifestyle - muscle imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, aches and pains.

This service is flexible, fun, and aimed at keeping you fully engaged. It can include movement tools, such as the Kettlebell, TRX, ViPR and Padwork. As well as health assessments such as blood pressure, BMI, and nutrition guidelines.

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Healthy Workplace Strategies

I'm excited about improving physical and mental health where we all spend the most of our time each week: work.

This service is about helping businesses implement healthy workplace strategies with ease, all backed up by current market research.

Each report will be broken down into How to: Increase Movement, Improve Nutrition, Reduce Stress, and Create a Healthier Workplace Environment.

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Product Testing/Reviews

I’m always on the hunt to test and review products that can help our workspaces become healthier.

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